Deploying a strategy of forming joint ventures and partnerships.

TUFF Group has adopted a policy of information supporting a constant dialogue with investors, the Shareholders and the market in order to guarantee the timely disclosure of comprehensive information on Company activities, and is limited only by the confidentiality requirements afforded to certain information.

Information to investors, the market and the media takes place through press releases, periodic meetings with investors, the financial community and the press, in addition to the comprehensive information made available and constantly updated on the Company website.


TUFF Group AG is registered in Germany and traded on Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Therefore the following content will be disclosed mostly in German language only.

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Er steht unseren Aktionären ab dem 4. Dezember 2021 zur Verfügung. The above link will be open for our shareholders from 4 December 2021 forward.

Financial Calendar

TUFF Group AG adheres to a calendar of milestone activities and quarterly or annual earnings announcements and general meetings. Financial-related disclosers shall be regularly updated by the Treasury and Investor Relations Department.

Mar 2021

Consolidated Financial Statements 2019

Jun 2021

Six-Months Interim Statement 2020

Sep 2021

Six-Months Interim Statement 2021

Oct 2021

Consolidated Financial Statements 2020

Dec 2021


Corporate Governance

Financial information for admission to trading on the Regulated Market (Regulierter Markt) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse), in the segment General Standard.

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