Windfarm Renewable Technology

The background

The jacket type fixed platform, turbine structure market is limited, as most population centers have deeper nearshore water. Current wind turbine floater concepts are very heavy, cumbersome and take a long time to build, requiring massive manhours/resources.

TUFF aims to achieve significant cost reductions and enhance performance of floating wind turbine technology through the research and optimization of floaters, mooring and anchoring systems.

Current Concepts available in the market for floater designs are limited to water depths greater than 50m. The steel weight for this type of foundation for typical floating foundation would be around 2500tons.

Our objectives

TUFF aspires to become the overall wind farm prime contractor for the system design, installation and integration.

Typically, both aircraft and wind turbine designs are conceived and facilitated for an aerodynamics environment. The Turbines typically are designed considering the Wind farm block location, wind patterns and Turbine rotor blades aerodynamics. This is fine till the foundation is fixed on a Jacket or on a spud/monopile.

Value Addition

The floating system design adds on the floater motions into the design paradigm which is not being considered during the design or engineering of the combined system especially for the Controller system controls design, drive train modelling etc. This is where TUFF and its experience as a floater and integration specialist is envisaged to add value.

  • With its integration and large-scale FPSOs/Turret Moorings EPC expertise, out of the box thinking for innovative solutions, TUFF brings in additional advantage to the complete system architecture design from top to bottom.
  • TUFF is also innovating to bring to life, floater and column designs which will decouple the motions from the nacelle area.
  • TUFF is also looking at optimizing Mooring solutions which would reduce the motions of the Turbine axis due to the floater hydrodynamic response.
  • TUFF has plans to incorporate the hydrodynamics motion parameters of the floater into the controller design functions modelling.

TUFF Floating Wind Farm Designs

On the left is our standard design for 50m and above water depth, On the right is one of the variants for shallow depth range with heave compensation, weight and installation optimisation. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.

Floater Types

Optimization of weight and providing of a steady platform with limited motions

Self-upend able type column designs

Optimization of installation methodology and thereby cost reduction

Our Windfarm Design Team

Our team consist of internationally renowned industry experts with detailed level of experience and knowledge of various sectors in mooring (turret mooring systems (internal, external and dis-connectable), swivel stack systems and assemblies, calm buoy and subsea systems design with inventions and patents relating but not limited to

  • Offshore LNG regasification system and method
  • Mooring system for fluid cargo tankers
  • Offshore LNG regasification system and method
  • Catenary anchor leg mooring system
  • Mooring system for fluid cargo tankers
  • Mooring and riser system for use with turret moored hydrocarbon production vessels
  • Limited rotation riser connection system

TUFF’s team is able to provide full cross-domain early engineering of floating wind systems leveraging our experience in dynamic floating structures, mooring systems, cables, seabed foundations etc.

For enquiries

Our project managed solutions cover all lifecycle phases of a project across the renewable, nearshore construction and oil and gas sectors. Our team is at your service to devise and deliver customer-driven solutions to solve challenges. If you require a solution, please contact us at

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